Carl works independently at the local shop. He helps unload the delivery every Thursday morning and then prices items and stacks the shelves. He is a great help and his confidence is growing each week. Recently he was asked to help at the cash and carry which he really enjoys.



Steph has just started working at Candy and Cologne in Roberttown where she is helping with cleaning, making clients cups of tea and also learning how to file and paint nails. She is very excited about the placement and Dawn is very keen to help her learn.



Richard worked without support every Monday morning at the local pub. He helped with the cleaning in the bar area and the restaurant. When the weather was nice he helped keep the car park tidy. He really enjoyed his placement and was a great help until the pub changed hands, he is now cleaning at Northorpe Hall every Friday.


Jason cleans the office at RPM Garage in Heckmondwike every Tuesday morning. He has worked there for several years and really enjoys his placement, especially when Lorraine gives him sweets!


Sarah's placement was at Bevanni's Café, in Chickenley Community Centre. She worked there 4 days a week, travelling there and back independently. She helped to prepare the lunch, serve the customers and clear, wash and dry the dishes. She was a very valuable member of staff and enjoyed the job very much.

Daniel and Heather

Daniel and Heather worked for a short period at The Society for the Blind of Dewsbury, Batley and district. Their tasks included setting the tables and clearing the plates and bowls away as people finished. They both enjoyed their placements and were well liked by all the members.




Everyday Stuart buys a paper from the local shop and delivers it to Northorpe Hall. He finds the correct money independently and the right paper from the shop. Staff and Northorpe at Shilbank stores have both commented on how polite and cheerful he is every morning.