The following comments are answers we received when asking the question...

What are the benefits of the service?

The knowledge that he is still being given the opportunity to learn and achieve. It's fun and he likes making things

He has something to occupy his mind and he is learning different skills

Knowing he is in safe, capable hands

Knowing that B has a safe and supervised place to go for activities. Bringing B on with certain skills and being stimulated (which he needs) to improve his life. B enjoys Ambitions and likes being with his friends. He has got into a routine and he looks forward to coming. He really likes making his lunch, going to the shop and planting

You have to be an outsider to realise the progress which these young people have made

D is very happy to be at Ambitions 5 days per week. He likes gardening and photography

Mr H is very happy with the service Ambitions provide for D and said "It is the best thing we've ever done". D's speech is continuing to improve

And it's not just the young people...

A member of staff quoted:

Since starting at Ambitions, this is the first time in fifteen years that I have looked forward to going to work!