Our mission

Ambitions is committed to empowering and building the skills for work and independent living of young people and adults with learning difficulties and disabilities through practical experiences and supported work placements within their own local community and culture.

Who we are

Our team consists of senior professionals who are in tune with the needs, challenges and abilities of people with learning difficulties and disabilities, and have wide experience in residential, day-care, and learning provision for them.

Our experience ranges from work with people with complex and profound learning difficulties and disabilities to those with severe and moderate learning difficulties and challenging behaviours including Autism.

What we offer

  • A highly individualised programme for each young person / adult, assembling a menu of opportunities best suited to their needs and potential
  • Purposeful and progressive activities that build, for each individual, a path towards their goals
  • A centrally located project which provides young people / adults with opportunities to build their skills for independent living
  • A placement programme through which young people / adults are supported to access work settings in their own local community either as employees or as volunteers
  • A fundamental belief that people with learning difficulties and disabilities are capable of far greater things than they are often given credit for

What you as a young person / adult can expect from us

  • To be valued
  • To be safe
  • To enjoy your learning
  • To feel in control of your learning programme with us
  • To be able to learn through "doing"
  • To have opportunities for real achievement
  • To experience meaningful supported employment

What you as a parent / carer can expect from us

  • A genuine partnership between you and us
  • Easy access to the team
  • Involvement in putting together and evaluating what is on offer
  • Opportunities for support for yourself
  • Understanding of your starting point