Ambitions runs several activities creating and selling goods which the young people have made. Each group takes responsibility for their sales, money and re-ordering.

We have a small area in Ambitions with everything on display and have an open door policy for people to come in and have a browse. We also have regular sales days to promote new products and designs. As the internet is becoming so popular for online shopping, we have decided to advertise some of our products on the website for people to order. Orders can be made by email on [email protected]

Have a look at our products below

Sew 'n' Sew

Small and Large Wheat Bags £2.50 and £3.50

Peg Bags £3

Carrier Bag Holders £2.50

Door Stops 3.50


Childrens Apron Sets (baking or gardening) £6


Buntin made to order 75p per triangle

Padded Hearts £6


Nik Naks

Painted Rabbits (individual or as a pair for bookends) £4 each

Painted Boats (individual or as a pair for bookends) £4 each

Painted Hearts £3

Painted flower key racks £3 each

Our best seller - Happy Bag - only £2

The happy Bag is a small organza bag filled with 6 little items

A Marble – for those days when you have lost yours

A Piece of string – to hold it all together when everything seems to be falling apart

A Heart – to remind you that someone loves you

A Teddy Bear – for a nice big hug when you need one

An Eraser – to make those little mistakes go away

A Coin – so you will never be completely broke